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Triangle Nylon Mesh Rose Tea Packaging Machine Promotes the

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    Rose Tea is one kind of Chinese reprocessed scented tea, made of tea leaves and rose flowers through scenting. The base tea of rose tea can be balck tea or green tea, and the flowers are also can be replaced by Rosa Multiflora and Chinese rose. These three kinds flowers have similarily sweet and strong aroma, all suitable for making scented tea, and among of them, half blooming rose flowers are the best. The finished rose tea has fragrant aroma, strong frangance and sweet flavor. Morever, the process of rose tea are tea base making, flowers handling, flowers scenting and mixing with tea leaves, flowers holding out, repeating firing and rescenting.
    In modern times, scented tea are more and more popular, and the favorite one is rose tea. Beacuse of the efefect of internal and external health nursing, beauty and slimming, scented tea has been flattered by customers, becoming the top of the beverage market development. Even, it drives another consumption hotspot, being the outstanding performer of the beverage series. At preset, various beauty tea and herbs tea are widely used in the white colars, the ppetty bourgeoisie of modern metropolis, leaping to first place in the beverage market.

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