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Sengong Drip Coffee Packaging Machine Keeps the Drip Coff

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    Blue Mountain Coffee has strong flavor and long-lasting fruity whose particles are fully grown and suitable for moderate toasting. The caffeine of Blue Mountain Coffee is just little, less than half of others, according with the modern health concept. Besides, Blue Mountain Coffee forms strongly attractive elegance by mixing together its special sour, bitter, sweet and mellow flavor, far fairer than any other coffees.
    Drip coffee is one of the most modernly popular drinking type with no need for professional coffee machine, sundry operation and leaving for cafe. Instead, it just needs one drip bag coffee, one glass and boiling water. 60 seconds later, you can enjoy the pure and freshly ground coffee, as quick and convenient as instant coffee. 
    Sengong Drip Coffee Packaging Machine is one kind of automatic multi-functional packing equipment with new heat sealing. Its main feature is getting inner and outer bags done at one time to improve the efficiency, avoiding the direct contact between hands and materials. The inner bag is filter cotton paper with optional automated thread and tag, and the outer bag is composite paper. The biggest advantage of this machine is tag attaching and out bag can be photoelectric positioned. Then the production capacity, inner bag size, outer bag size and tag attaching can be adjusted arbitrarily. That is, you can adjust the sizes of inner and outer bag according tou different requirements so as to reach the most ideal package effect, upgrading the products apperance quality and increasing the products value.

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