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Triangle Nylon Mesh Osmanthus Tea Packaging Machine Makes

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    Osmanthus Tea, one of the China's main tea kinds, belongs to scented tea and is processed of osmanthus flowers and tea leaves through scenting. It has not only strong and lasting flavor, but also green and bright tea water. During its production like gathering, collocating, yielding and packaging, there are eight strict steps in the process, they are: tea base making, fresh osmanthus flower gathering, flower scenting through tea base, flowers spreading and heat releasing, broken flower bits filtrating and removing, reapted toasting and drying, mesh filtrating and packaging, quality preserving and storing. In addition, osmanthus tea has effect like Yang-qi warmly nourishing, skin whitening, internal toxin expelling, cough relieving and sputum reducing, health preserving and lung moistening etc.
    To people liking convenience, Sengong Triangle Nylon Tea Bag Packing Machine provides such people with perfect triangle nylon tea bags. To put it simply, the tea bag is using environmentally friendly nylon mesh to pack the tea leaves in triangle shape, no need for filter. Such kind of triangle nylon tea bag can make the tea leaves extend inside your teacup as far as possible, so that its falvor are released fully. Even better, the partly hidden and partly visible tea bag is another good thing.  

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