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An American customer ordered C19D Automatic Ultrasonic Drip

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Firstly£¬thanks so much for our customer Taylor’ reliability and prompt ordered from us who comes from USA ordered the drip coffee packing machine from us on 18th ,March, 2017.
I am very glad that she finally found the packaging machine he felt suitable from our company through online search, after checking a lot of online products from many websites. Taylor said. Asking him specific packaging requirements and comparing to our packaging machines, we offered him our C19D Automatic Ultrasonic Drip Coffee Bag Packing Machine with Outer Envelope.
More specifications of the machine, please see from the website below:
After thirty days, our workers build the machine well on time and got the customer’s drip filter bag to have a test run to debug the machine before shipping. Then repeatedly confirmed by our experienced technician, the machine was well-done.
Finally, the machine wrapped with film, packaged in wood carton, loaded and delivered to the customer’s factory.
Thanks so much for my USA custom again for your reliability.

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