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Darjeeling Black Tea Packaging Machine Meets Tea Bag Makers

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    Darjeeling tea is native to Darjeeling highlands, south of the Himalayas, in West Bengal of India, being one of the black tea, and its taste is with strong fruit aroma. Darjeeling tea is famous especially in the UK, winning the international prizes for heaps of times, outdistancing the local English tea. Therefore, it was been honored as “the Emperor of Black Tea”, as well as “the Champagne of Black Tea”.

    Darjeeling tea is suitable for light drinking. However, in order to get its full flavor, it is better to wait for about five minutes until leaves spreading full, because its leaves are bigger relatively. The Darjeeling tea made of the first tea leaves on March and April, most are green; and the second tea leaves are mostly golden. The tea soup of second Darjeeling tea is orange with fragrant and elegant aroma. Especially the top grade Darjeeling tea is just with grape flavor and meticulous and soft taste. Unavoidably, Darjeeling tea are sold in a very high price.

    There are many ways to package the Darjeeling tea, the pyramid bag packing machine is one of its good choice. Such kind of pyramid bag packing machines not only makes the packaging process easier, but also produces the more beautiful packaging effects, suitable for the emotional appeal and convenient use need of modern people. Besides, the machine can save labor cost and energy consumption for manufacturers, and produces with more precise dosage and more beautiful packaging effects for customers on the market. It is just the right and best one for tea bags, not matter the makers and consumers. 

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