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Royal Drip Coffee Packaging Machine|Drip Coffee Is Also C

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    The features of Royal coffee are sweet, mellow and with the bouquet of Brandy, suitable for night drinking. It has noble and romantic emotional appeal, flowing and spreading the Brandy aroma everywhere, charming very much.

    The steps of making a Royal coffee:
      1. Put the ground Royal black coffee into the cup;
      2. Add little rock candy on the dedicated Royal spoon, and put it over the cup;
      3. Pour the Brandy into the spoon, and light the fire. Then the fire would make the rock candy melted inside, finally waiting for the sugar liquor drip into the coffee cup totally.

    Coffee belongs to not only a science but also a aesthetics. And what’s more, for good coffee, if you can enjoy it at any time and every place, that will be a more pleasing thing. Why we call drip coffee as Pocket Cafe? That is exactly because it can help you drink the coffee with original fresh taste everywhere and at any time. Drip coffee is neither likes the instant coffee without freshly ground taste, nor likes the freshly ground coffee with fussy operation, it is just a good smell and taste coffee with convenient drinking step in one minute.

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