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SG-30WF Bulk Materials General Crusher



                                    SG-30WF General Crusher 

It is used to grind bulk materials into powder, like bulk sugar, crude salt etc.

 Working Method:
1. The machine uses the relative movement between the active fluted disc and the fixed fluted disc to impact, grind and crush the target materials.
2. The size of granules can be achieved by changing of the screen.
3. The machine has the features of simple structure, solid and stable running, good efficiency. The crushed material is discharged directly from the grinding chamber of the main frame.
4. In addition, the whole machine is made of stainless steel, with smooth inside walls to avoid powder accumulation on the inside walls. Those pharmaceutical, chemical and food stuff products from the machine are in accordance with national requirement, achieving “GMP” standard.

 Technical data

Machine type: Auxiliary Packing Machine Series
Machine model: SG-30WF
Machine name: General Crusher
Production Capacity: ≥30 kgs
Speed of principal axis: 3800 r/min
Size of input granules: <6 mm
Fineness of products: 120 Mesh
Power supply: 5.5kw
Machine weight: 350KG
Machine dimension: 600mm x700mm x1450mm(L*W*H)

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