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T30LK Automatic Solid Triangle Bag Granule Packaging Machine

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       T30LK Automatic Solid Triangle Bag Granule Packaging Machine

It is suitable for three-dimensional triangle bags packaging for grain and regular-shaped products, such as puffed food products, shrimp balls, peanuts, popcorn, beans, oatmeal, melon seeds, etc.

1. Adopting advanced microcomputer controller, logo positioning device and drive stepper motor for bag length control, which ensure stable performance, easy adjustment and accurate detection;
2. The entire process from weighing, bag forming, filling, sealing, cutting and code printing(with option of date code printer) can be fully automatically operated.
3. It is for unique package of triangle bags shape.

 Technical data

Type: General Packing Machine Series
Product model: T30LK
Product name: Automatic Solid Triangle Bag Dried Food Packaging Machine
Filling range: 5~120 ml
Packing speed: 30~60 bags/min
Bag shape: Three-dimensional triangle
Bag size: L: 40-100mm; W: 40-90mm
Air supply: 5-7 M Pa
Power: 220V, 50Hz, 1.5KW
Dimension : 900*700*1700mm (L*W*H)
Weight: 400KG

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