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An India customer ordered C18 Automatic Multi-funct

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An India customer ordered C18 Automatic Multi-function Tea Bag Packing Machine(Featured)

It was very glad that an India custom visited our booth in Canton fair on the end of February.
And more exciting news is that the customer was appealed to our machine at first sight.
After the customer talked with us about all the information of the packing machine and the filter packing material and confirmed all the necessary details .
Finally, a contract was signed at the beginning of last month for the C18 Automatic Multi-function Tea Bag Packing Machine(Featured) and 300kg filter cotton paper.
Also friendship between us was established as well from then on.
Learn more details about the machine, please view following website link:
After about one month , the machine was built well by our workers and tested well for the customer. In the morning of 7th Apr. the shipment is arranging. 
Now, the machine is on the way to our customer.

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