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A Korea customer ordered C21DX Automatic Pyramid Nylon Tea B

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A Korea customer ordered C21DX Automatic Pyramid Nylon Tea Bag Packing Machine with Outer Envelope(Standard)
It was a great honor that a Korea customer visited our factory for the tea bag packing machine on 22th February. This customer is cautious. He brought his tea from Korea in order to test our machine. And after testing the machine with his tea, he was very satisfied with our machine’ stability. Especially, he was very satisfied that we change some parts of the pneumatic element of the machine to the machinery  parts.  So wonderfully, this customer ordered the tea bag packing machine C21DX at once without any hesitation after his testing.
If you want to know more about the specifications of the machine, please see from the website below:
After 30 days , our workers has built this machine in time. And our engineer has debugged it again and again cautiously so that we can be sure that our machine are perfect before it is shipped to our customer.
Today, after checking anything with our customer, the machine C21DX is wrapped with film, packaged in wooded carton and is being delivered to the customer’s country on the way. Hope the machine have a good journey.

Here are some photos about the machine wrapping process before it is shipped as followings:

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