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An American customer ordered SG200SDE Automatic Specialized

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An American customer ordered SG200SDE Automatic Specialized Doy Bag Dog Treats Packaging Machine with 8 Head Weighers
Thomas, who is one of our customer scan our website and found the machine he want unaware. Then he contacted with us through the email. And we added the WhatsApp with each other. After we replied all of his inquiry (about the machine) detailed by the WhatsApp. Very luckily and as was expected, he placed an order about the SG200SDE Automatic Specialized Dog Bag Dog Treats Packaging Machine with 8 Head Weighers on 10th, Jan. without any hesitation. 
If you want to know more specifications about this machine, please see the website as followings:

After 50 days on 20th Feb. the machine was built on time by our engineers and tested well for the customer. Finally the shipment was arranged, too. Now, the machine is on the way to our customer.
If you are interesting in our machines, you can email us when you feel free. And we will reply you as soon as we get your email. Hope to receive your inquiry.

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