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Cambodia Customer Orders Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine wit

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    In the middle of lat month, a procurement officer from Cambodia, on behalf of his company, came to visit our factory and check the machine before their final decision among all the offers they got. Very appreciated and as was expected, our company strength and machines won their affirmation and placed an order without hesitation on the spot. Totally, they purchased a pyramid tea bag packing machine with outer envelope, its air source supplier the whole set of air compressor and applicable packaging materials like nylon filtering film and aluminum laminated composite film with their logo.

    More specifications of the machine, please see from the website below:



    Some time passed and the lead time is up, all the cargos are finished and tested well as scheduled. After confirmation with freight forwarder and customer, we arranged the shipment successfully. Wish cargos a good journey. 

    Pictures below show our wrapping, packaging and truck loading.


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